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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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it's febary 15th. happy presidents' day. we hope you're enjoying your long holiday weekend. >> we're actuauay live. >> because we have to help this guy sell a bookok >> william shatner in the house. >> yes, they're having more fun than if you were at home. they're at home actually, areret you? >> yeah, we're at home. how are you? >> so well, oh, my god.d. >> really, why? >> all right, we're going to talk to you and your friendd leonard nimoy in just a little bit, okay? >> i'm looking forward to it. >> great food today. all the guys home today will wantnto listen up, we've got two gorgeous "sports illustrated" models. making history w wh three didierent covers. we have access to their sexy photos. plus, you k kw who'shere,,e just said it, emmy and golden globe winning actor william shatner. >> yes, he's in the house.
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>> he's got this book we're going to talk about. and we'll got the hollywood buzz. >> with our friend brian. >> and our friendd gina torres. >> very excited about that. >> she iss so adorable. by the way, i have a hot piece of paper here, it's very messy.y. this is "usa today" and kathie lee and i have ourrammy picks. you can see how they're scientifically written with the xs and checks. we're going to take our picks for the grammys. she's going to put it in the vault. thank you, amanda. please keep those -- >> where the sun don't shine. >> all right so you were seeing a cuteeittleeboy. >> i try once a month to go see my mom. it's harder and harder for her to travel so my brother and i get on trains, we spentnt a little time together and visit m m mother. take her out to dinner. we alsose it as an opportunity
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my little -- i'm insanely in love with him. i amm insanely in love with him. >> he's so te. ah, youou just want to nuzzle h h all day. >> we always go to thehart house right there in annapolis on the bay, on the harbor. it's soo pretty. >> how old is he? >> he's 14 months i thinin >> he's so cute. he is such a cutie. >> really? that's worth a dinner? >> , no, we always pay, we always pay. >> theyy don't have my stuff on theiei wine list. >> and you bring it in? >> yes, they let me bring it in. >> in a bag? >> no, a box. there's a lot of it. a bag won't do. you're funny sometimes hoda. >> we went to portuerto rico which was hot, sunny. there were like five girls. this girl was getting married for the firir time at 50 and
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we just had a great time. >> you're a swimsuit model, why didi you -- can we see that again, please? she's making that -- it's very clear what you're doioi there, hoda. >> that's what i do. >> don't do that. >> ever since i'v'v been in eighth grade, that's what i do. i'm behind.. i like being behind. >> a a right, so "snl." i hear it was funny this weekend. >> a couple of funny bits. if you're a jenniferniston fan, you'll like t ts one. one of theast members roll noodle "weekend update" and she did a spot-onmitation of rachel green, that's jennifer aniston's character from "friends." >> this is incredibib. it's so great to see you. >> oh, colin, oh, hi, hi, oh, wow. >> how you been? >> what, oh, yeah, yeah, i've been, yeah, i've been good, yeah, i've been good, yeah. >> is it me or do you always sound surprised by everything? >> oh, what, oh, yeah, wow,
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>> very cute. > whohonew that -- i didn't ththk she spoke like that until right now. that was good. >> not in real fe, her character. >> yeah, that't' her character. >> excuse me. >> he needs to -- >> we're going to get to you in a moment. >> all right, so adele -- have you seen the cover of "vogue"? >> no, let't' see it. >> it's got adele on it. this is her second cover. >> she looks great. how gorgeous. her skin. photograph you in this light >> you know what's funny, she looks great withh a little makeup or a lot. she's g g a tattoo on her hand. it's like on the inside, by her pinky. >> says angelo. >> yeah,, her son's name, very sweet. >> this c cer rl. this is on the cover of "nylon" magazinene >> f fm a famous familyly >> we're going to guess. >> it's on its way. >> we're going to thehe store
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>> we got it. we got it. >> who is it? >> it says riley keough so we know it's elvis' granddaughter. >> why would we know that? >> what do you mean riley keough? >> because i is lisa marie's daughter, i know that. >> riley keough. >> the guy onn the right is elvis presley. oh, riley keough, it must be elvis' kid. >> am i right? wait, who's keough? >> lessisa marie married a guy named riley keough. right? >yes. >> oh, my gosh, that was good. you said there's a dead gigiaway, riley keough. it was excellent. very smart. it's timim to talk "sports illustrated." did you know there are actually three "sports illustrated" covers and they repepsent women from all walks of life, all gorgeous.
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have her topon. we'll talk too her. she's got a teeny teeny -- is thth a swimsuit? actually be called a s smsuit? it's a band-aid. >> we have two with us, okay. we brougug two of the beach bombs here, haley clauson, ashley graham, come on out. >> i come bearing drinks, honey. >> oh, i like t t see you. >> how are you? >> congratulation, dies. >> thank you. >> okay, did you totally freak out when theyyade the announunment? >> i mean, i was readydy to take over the rest, like, heheo, happening, thank you very much. i was like a baby -- >> everybody was there, right? do we have that? theeound -- >> i can re-enact i i right now. >> okay. >> thank you, everybody, i appreciate you, you and you.u.
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>> oh, right away, he goes, i knew it, yes. >> ah, so sweet. >> i called my mom. i don't want to s s what she said because she cussed. she was bawling, crying, so cute. >> has she seen n e picture? >> yes. she got those from me. >> my mom was, like, thank god itit tasteful. thank god you have your suit on. >> we're going to play a quick game. see if we can guess the cover. see if we can identify the models. here we go, picture number one. who is that person? >> kathy ireland. >> 1981. >> looked great too. >> tyrabanks. >> it is? >> tyra banks. >> yes, it is. >> how did you know? >> i love her. >> all right, number ththe. >> beyonce. >> was it? >> okay, i kind of knew. >> wait, we're trying to get our hairlowing around. >> i thought they were supposed to, not us. >> oh, is this the wind blown. >> yes, you guy,
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you've gotten incredible feededck, by the way. >> we're breaking barriers. we're letting women know thatt beauty is beyond size. i'm a full size 14/16. did you think i would ever be in the pages, let alone t t cover, come on. >> as a woman who's considered a plus-sized model, i wasold i woulder in be e le to do any of the things i am and i'm a testament you should jusus continue to go after your dreams and goals. >> and you're a testament to your ta-tas. >> hello. >> thank you, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> and we'll have to h hee segment about you. >> all about you. >> yes, she comes in this way and she go also out that way. bye, guys. i like that. shatner. >> wait a minute, let me take him over a drink. > think he wants the girl. i don't thihi he wants the drink. >> you want t t keep him company? >> oh, yeah, we wanted to stay and watch.
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>> you don't have a heart conditioio orranything, do you? >> no, do you have a a aease i shouldn't -- >> no, no. ladies, youan keep him companyny in the kitchen if you'd like. be careful. yeah, we're still live. >> yes, we e. all right, you know what it is time for, kath, it's time for our evevyone has a story nominee.e. >> this month is lindsay opper's grandmother. they're goingng to be skyping. >> hi, lindsay. >> from sultan, massachusetts, lindsay's there. this is a surprise to her -- you call her bubby, righgh >> all ririt, that's good, she wrote in to tell us about her grandmother's love story. about tenears ago, reconnececd with a boy sheent to high school with, nate workman. at 84 years old, phyllis married
10:10 am
and at the wedding lindsay madad a toast saying a good marriage is where both people feel like they're getting the better end of the deal. >> oh. >> did you even know lindsay had written in to us? >> not really. >> look at nate. nate, you u th us? >> you bet, i've been excited for 60 years or so. >> he's been excited for 60 years he said. >> always in love with her. >> you guys are going to come sese us on thursday. saying the most meaningful gift shsh could think to give t tm wallace their very own wedding song. never too late for love. >> love it. >> i hope you have a safe trip. >> see you, okay? >> bye, guys. wave. nate. >> how cute are they?y?
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>> be sure to tune in -- [ laughter ] >> what's going on in here? >> always something. >> is this the best day of your life or what? look at you. >> i'm standing up straight because they're 6'3". >> i know. >> all ririty, quick shoutout to our darling megan. ourrress person. we just adore her. >> we threw a baby shower for her and it't' called -- it was a theme that was all about ve. it was hosted b b savannah and natalie. and we wanted -- it was held downtown in tribeca at place called -- >> le conde. >> harvey weinstein came by. congratulations on his award. the design in there was styled by little miss party. iihink it was one of the most beautitil baby showers i've ever been to. >> ever, ever. >> all ght, gang, a few of our favorite things are coming up a little later.
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fructis. stronger hair. stronger you. garnier she's an actress and trained operer center a a has even voicece a few videoeo games. >> we're talalng about the lovelyina torres. >> for the past five years, gina's kept the boys in linee as jessica pieieon, powerful head of a law firm on the hit usa series "suits." >> now with one of their own on trial, thetakes have never beenhigher. >> mike wants to represent himself. >> is he crazy? he canan do that. >> that's what i tried to tell him. >> you don't try, you just tell him. >> the only problem witit that, he knows it's his decision, not to mention the only thing that's stoppingim from going and pointing his finger to you or me is his loyalty to us. >> so thahas it, he's representing himself? >> i'm not saying that. .
10:16 am
>> i'm saying i have a plan, but i need you to sign off on it. >> whatever it is, i'm in, because if f at kid handles his n defense, you and i are going to be the next ones on trial. >> that's the parting lili. >> d dp the mic. >> hey. >> yes, soo nice toee you. >> i'm happy to be here, thank you so much. >> boy, you are tough in this, aren't yoyo >> i am, i am. >> who are you? >> i don't know. >> you're so different in person. >> thank you. yes, yes, no, she's definitely this formidable character, and she takes, i mean, she doesn't take anything f fm anyonene that's just -- that's delicious. >> yes,s, it'ss much more fun. >> to than. > is that how you are in life? >> well, depends on who you talk to. >> what would laurence fishburne say? >> that would be my huhuhud.d. and we're still married. so i guesst's working. >> 18 years. and you have a little one, ght? >> we have an 18-year-old daughtht, yes.
10:17 am
you're a great actress but i didn't know the singigi part of your resume. that was kind of yourr first ve? >> that was myy first love. that was -- all i wanted to do was grow up and be like the 6 foot latino version of bernadette peters. i wanand to live on stage. live on thebroadway stage. iiot to do that. i actually endeded up doing broadway musical with tomom tune and p pe ratafin and that was my life. that dominated the first 18 years of my career. >> what your path was going to bebe and then i i got a classical play and i did shakespeare out of town andnd thenn i booked a movie and i booked a series. as you know, people's attention spans and their memories are about that big. >> they'd love to have yououn now. now you can go back and write your own ticket, baby, hello. >> i'd love to do that. i learned you were a trained singer.
10:18 am
>> i was alto-meso-soprano on a good day. >> i'm'mine with a little whiskey and -- when the fleet comes in every -- my voice goes down a couplpl octaves. >> i love it when this -- >e have a song about that. >> if the three of us went out for drink, weld have an absolute blast, i can already tell from meeting hehe right. >> is it true when you exercise in the mornings, you have u u on? >> i do, no, you're on. i watch you. that's right, i'm m the ellipticalal elliptical. i call it the apocalypse though. baby, i'm going to do 40 minutes on the apocalypsese i'll be right baba. >> you're a total delight. come back and see us. >> thank you, i would love to. >> and s s hello to that wondererl husband of yours. "suiui" airs wednesdays at 10:00, 9:00 centralnur sister network usa.a. >> william shatner is here. >> hide the children. >> sheheopes to inspire women of
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mmmm mmmm....mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait the "sports illustrateded swswsuit edition making history in year with three different
10:22 am
>> we tag alolo with one of the newest cover models ashley graham who gave uss an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the magazine in turks and keikocaicos. >> good morning, "today" show. i am your special correspondent on this exclusive behind the scenes tour of "sports illulurated" swimsuit edition 2016. let's go into hair and makeup. i am the first ever size 14 model to ever be in thth pages of "sports illustrated." we're making story. and this issue is dedicated to alllf my curvy women out there.
10:23 am
i'm speechless! >> it's just crazy how good shehe is, right. the rumors are all true. she's t t michael jordan of fashion and swim, you know. she just has that next level stuff. >> see theonditions they put me in? i haveo put ice in the back of my pants. the term plus size to me has a terrible meaning. it's you're fat, you're out of shape, you don't take care of yourself. i really want to get r r of labels. i think the world would be a better place w whout them. >> it's so pretty.. now, i will have a g gen juice the morning b b iill also have a chip in thee afternoon. you got to keepp the energy level up. i think flaunting your curves does takakak a lot off guts, but i think for these women who donon feel comfortable inhe skin they're in, i alwlws encourage them to look in the mirror and start talking to theirbody. because the more you actually get to know your body and start
10:24 am
on it, then the more you're goinggo love the woman that you are. >> honey,his is the new beautiful. >> perfect. >> she is right, that is the new beautiful, good for her.r. >> such a a sweet girl. all right. the swimsuit edition is out today. >> with who's who of a-list
10:25 am
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white house. right now senator marco rubbo is in rock the timeeis 10:27.... i'm ben thompson... this week south rolina is ground zero for the race for the white ouse. right now senator marco rubio is in rock hill talking toto voters. this is new video of rubio at a town hall at the baxter hood center earlier this morning. according to polls - he won the e ost recent debate in
10:27 am
south carolina's first in tt south primary starts this saturday for republicans. the democrats primary is next weekend february 2727h. we're still at the event and will bring you a full update at noon. the logo forr next year's nba all-star game in charlotte is out. as you can see - the design was inspired by thh queen city. it includes a crown, and the hornets cclors - purple and teal. the all star game will be sunday february 19th at time warner cablele arena. it will be charlotte's second tiie hosting all-star weekend. coming up on the today show. hollywoodod legend william shatner stops by to chat with hodaaand kathie lee about his new book honoring the late, great leonard nimoy. then stay tuned for r harlotte today at 11:00, and our next newscast at noon. have a great day.
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it's fun day monday, presidents' day, and whihi we've been enjoying the long holiday weekend, there's no break from the hollywood gossip mill. here is pop goes the week brian baltltzar. >> brian, how are we doing? >> we are doing grgrt.
10:30 am
>> that means last night was clive davis pregrammy party. the 40th anniversary of the party. it is a big newsmaker. carly simonhrew a surprise performance. she sang andndhe audienceas on their feet,, clapping, cheering. someone took it with their cell phphe. glad they did. >> again, her voioi is on point. it sounds exact likely -- >> she's onhe stage -- >> she has terrible stage fright. >> all ght, well, she seemed to risee above itit at's also makinggews is who was can noodling. none other than blala shelton and gwen stefani. firmly o o his lap the whole night. there were cheers for everyone. she sat on his l l the whole night. i'd say get a room but they're literally at the hilton. >> they seem like they're having fun together. >> they seem like they're in love. >> good for them. >> good for you.
10:31 am
>> she has a new single out called "m"me me like you." some are saying it mayay be about none other than blake shelton. >> like you made me like you basically. like i d dn't think i was -- you made m m like you, yada, yada. >> anyone else pererrm other than carleyy? >> b b bse it was valentine's day, chrissy teiein and john legend. >> who else performeded? >> t tre was a video of -- a video ofhitney houston because it's the four-year anniversary. bring the room down.. they played "the greatest love of all." >> i thought it would have been longer than that. some things seem like they're yesterday, others seem likik they're so long ago. time is funny. lady gaga i i preparing to perform at the grammys. davivi bowie tribute. she got a little i i on saturday. she got david bowie -- that's herr snap chahaha she's getting a tattoo of david bowie.
10:32 am
image that changeded my life. she a ao has another one captioned hail mary, full of grace, st. bowie. i'm sure you love that, kathie. >>o, i don't. >> she just got that and she's performing tonight. will be interestiti to see if she rewears something reveaeang or not. remember her performance at the super bowl was ectacular. super bowl, oscars, won a golden globe. this is a great year for her. >> let's talk "snl." and kanye. >> kanye. so it's been an interesting week in the world of kanye.e.e. he performed o o "snl." >> i don't envy his publicist. >> does he haveone? so he performed his song ultralight beam and highlights and then he announced his newew single is available onn his websbse. so there he is on the performance. you know, he's had a weird week.
10:33 am
she's still sporting her bleach blonde hair which takes a highlight a a ultralight beam. there it is right thehe the. she basically -- >> that's kim? >> ah, that's her bleach blonde hair. >> are you positiveve >> i'm positive. he started putting some weird tweets out. onon offhem about massive debeb he claims he has. he says, i write this toyou, my brothers, , ile still $53 million in personal debt. please pray wee overcome. okay, this is my true heart. you know, it's questionanae whether or not that's true or not. i don't know. then he went on to tweet mark zuckerberg yesterday that said, please call me tomorrow if you can. >> i'm sure he sent him a text. he said, know it's your birthday, but can youou please call me? it wasn't his birthday. >> do people like his clothes? is anyone buying thth? >> he's saying he's been pouring a lot of money into promoting his fashion line and the reactiti to his clothes has been kind of fair.
10:34 am
them. >> it'ss not easy being a multimillionaire or not. but they were also living -- he and kim were apparently living in is' house while t ty were building a $20 millili mansion so there's a lot that doesn't add up. >> well, shehe makes a lot of money. >> sharing finances. >> i don't know. >> i think a kick starter campaign will f fl for kanye. >> they're two of the most iconic tv characterss ever created, william shahaer. >> r r r after this. the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. ananit needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call y yr doctororight away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescrcrcron tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it frfr spreading in the body.
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yeah,,e're talking about heart rates. it w w 50 years ago that "star trek" boldly went where no tv show had ever gone before, made household names of kirk and spock. now, one year after leonard nimoy'y' death, william shatntn is paying tribute in a new book. it's called "leonard, my 50-year friendship with a remarkable man." >> have you two thought of sing together? >> it's quite the book. welcome back. >> thank you so much. >> we talked about how in your career you're never clolo friends with people you work with because there was always a season for that. the show would end and you'd go your s sarate ways. with him, it was different. >> every show that lasts, you're friends forever. that's what you're doing, your battling, t t dialogue, you're rried about the same things, you become really goooo frieies. show's over. >> regis. >> regis disappears. he goes.
10:40 am
and this g g you spent years with, you obviously don't see because he's --- >> i jusus toldyou, had dinner with him s surdada nighgh >> you've ruined my whole theory. >> stop wrecking his thing. >> no, the point is, that's usually what happens but it didn't hapapn with you and leonard. what kept you friends? >> well, three years doing the series. series is canceled. that's the end of it. bye-bye. got to make a living. bye. oh, we're going to make a movie? , we're going to make seven? oh, we're going to do personal appearancece oh, we're going to do -- >> conventions. >> conventions. we were t town intoo each othehes company. insteaea of parting, w w spent so much time together. . >> talk about in the beginning how you guys weren't even -- you were kind of jealous of him a little. >> i was, natural -- >> competition? competition. ddenen h h broke out and i id, wow. >> you broke out, come on, y y look so sharp in thoho pants. >> what?
10:41 am
>> what pants? >> i know, that was my only weapon. >> no, tons of women had huge crushes on yoyo >> i know, yeah. >> you broke out hugege >> huge. > was o o of them. come on,, you did ne. >> so what i'm saying is, do you two compete? that's what i'm saying. >> well, we do on the air for the games we play b b no, we don't. >> but that shows -- >> you're going to ruin another story. >> the thing is there is competition and it doesn't have to be -- >> malicious. >> that's the rd, malicious.s. it can be competition. >> so what happened at t e end -- >> that's what explain in the beginning of the ok. >> w wt happened at the end, because there was a lot of pressss ababt how your friendship hadad a sort of falling out or something. what happeneded?
10:42 am
and that's the mystery that will go to everybody's grave. >> but y y have a littltlidea. >> no, i swear to god. >> the friendship h h somehow -- >> heouldn't talk to me. >> d dn't take your calls. >> maybe he was having some sort dementia you ink?k? >> i don't want to go there becausus his family's around him, but i don't know. >> but how that is heartbreaking. >> heartbreaking. >> you do talk about his alcoholism. >> i sent h h a note before he died of love, friendship and how i missed him. i never got a response. >> do you ever run into his family members orfriends, mutual friends? >> his son is aood part of the book. i interviewed his son, surprising to youou though it may be. so there arere -- there's a great deal off leonard in leonard. did research on him,
10:43 am
about him. i interviewed him twice, three times. i did a whole hour and a halal on him on disc. and then i had an interview show and i i interviewed him and evoked stories that he never --- he didn't even remember himself. >> well, they're in the book. it's quite a thick book. you worked hard. all t t best. >> david as well. >> yes. >> all righty. >> we're talking birdsnd even bees when wehow you the newest trend of house pets. don't miss the fun after this. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia helped my bones get stronger. are your bones getting stronger? do not take prolia if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva . serious allergic reactions, such as low blood pressure; trouble breathing; throat
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> if a dog or cat just doesn't cut it a a a house pet for you, you might find the newest member of your family right here totoy. >> nat geo wild has a new prime-time show called "pet talk""here experts answer your questionssbout everything from how long to leave a pet at home alone to exotic animals.
10:49 am
>> hi, ve. >> welcome back. thank you. >> so theseseren't fierce things like you usually bring. >> normally i bring you wildlife. i'm hosting this new s sw "pet talk" that's all about helping people understand their pets including exotic p ps and maybe some animals that you might not want to get as a pet because they are a little too wild. . >> you just said how long you should leave your pet at home alone. what's the answer? >> so it's -- >> don't ruin it for me. what is it? >> honestly depends on your pet but you shouldn't -- a dog probably shohodn't be going more than four or five h hrs alone. so you want to get a dog walker. >> i have that. i do four. 3 1/2. what's the firir thing? >> an alpaca. >> they're so silly looking, aren't they? >> if y y guys want to come over here get a look at how beautiful this animal is. this is the whole farm pet trend. you can gently give a little pet.
10:50 am
years ago. hoda, come around this way if there. >> she doesn't like soft pets. >> obviously if yououe getting one as a pet, it needs to live outdoors. you have to have a barn. animal like this. you want to do your research. make sure you c c take caree of it. you havee a g gd vet. they cane very affectionate and they're very cute. . >> what do they eat? >> they eat plant material. so let'so on to our next animal. >> bye! >> hereeou go, sweetie. our next animal you probably have heard of too. this one is a chinchillalala chinchilla is a ao an ancient animal. these guys are from south america. you can definitely pet this guy. >> the softest fur.r. >> they do breed these guyuy fororor fur ats. i would not support that. but these guys are -- their furur is so thick because they live at
10:51 am
you have to remember, they can get overheated very easily. they don't reaeay have an ability to cool off. >> whahas the life-span? >> they can live for several years. they're more than a mouse that lives one year. you want to think about the life-span. >> because you get so attached to em. >> they live in a cagee in your house, right? >> these guys also have a special health requirement. ey need to take dust paths. i'm going to put them in here. because they live in the mountains, they don't get -- look at that. >> they keep theirir fur clean by rollinggn the dust like this. >> are you kiddinin how does rolling in dirt -- >> it helps keep parasites out. sloughs off dead skin. >> kind of like a little spa treatment. >> is he happy in there? >> he's totally happy. >> yes, he does. >nderstand what it needs so you can keep it happy. >> the next one. >> oh, look at this.
10:52 am
>> this is sid the cockatoo. a kind of par rat. parrots can live to be 80 years old. if you're getting aet parrot, cockatoo, macaw, whatever,,e prepeped. >> can it talk? >> i hear you.u. ere's y yr answer. >> they're v vy needy. they're intelligent. they're social. they bond with people. you need to make sure you're providing that as expect of life for these guys. otheheise, they're not going to thriveve >> it's like zoolander. >> i am. >> wow. we got to bring the pig out. >> last but not least. >> is a pig. is this a pot belly? >>ctually not a potbelly.y. >> he looks more like a boar. >> this is a50-pound mini-pig. these are a hot trend now. they think they're only going to get this big. this is a 50-pound g.g.g. some people get these pigs and they're over 100 pounds.
10:53 am
know how big your animama is going to get. >> "pet talk" premieres this friday night onnat geo. >> next, our favorite things. this is "today" on nbc. with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services you need to make your bundle work for y y. call now to get high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-year agreement... ...when you bundle with tv,, home phone or even wireless on one bill. with high speed internet, you'llllet 99.9 percent reliability with a connection you can count on. call now to get high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-yearargreement... ...when you u ndle with tv, home phone or even w weless on one bill. switch today and get a $100-d-dlar promotional card for every eligible servrve you add!
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get t re choices to bundle and save.
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oh, yes, i is coldd outside but they're here. time tohare our favorite things. iiound the secret sauce for hair. i'd like to say you're welcome. this is called ready to go humidity blocking frizz inhibitor. >> wow. >> i'm notot kidding. laura said it was like magic. your hair's wet after you wash it. spray it in. blow it out. and wash your j j drop. >> oh, my god. >> for you t t say that, hoda. >> amazononom, $13. ready to go. what you got, kathie? >> we had a friend here at nbc for many years. she has got a brand-new linin out
10:57 am
will be sold on qvc this friday. price to be revealedthen. her prices typically start around $30. > ooh. >> she's a very lovely person and her products withthwonderful. is is the blush i use. >> oh, so you just switch it all around? >> we're happy for her. >> we love our eve. a quick shout-out. we're looking for women who took a break from their careers maybe to raise their kids or take care of their parents and are t ting get back in the workforce.
10:58 am
10:59 am
catoss to larry happy monday.
11:00 am
ththk you for joining us. how are you, how w was your weekend? >> my weekend was great. i woke to some cold weather. w whad the cucud'd'cup 5k saturday morning. our toesesand fingers. >> 28 degrees. >> we aren't even running. thanks to evevybody that showed up for that. you did moving this weekend, too. >> i had to move stuff into new home we are out get in to. it's complete. my wife and i are momong in to a new home. there is a lot of packing stuff and d carrying things. my back was hurting, too. my wife is like -- i'm like baby i got to put this down. >> the big story today is the weather. charlotte america len ng


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